Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baby Freebies & Coupons

If you are pregnant or have a child, I definitely recommend signing up for every freebie you can! Some I have signed up for and been very pleased with are

Start Healthy Stay Healthy
This is a wonderful website. It is powered by Gerber. So far, I have gotten 2 $11 formula checks and 2 $1 formula checks for Nestle Good Start. At Walgreen's, this makes some cans $1.49. They also have a Money Back Guarantee if you aren't satisfied. Just today, they sent me a package with $12 worth of formula checks, a book on baby at 1 month, and coupons for nursing pads, pacifiers, and bottles.

Strong Moms powered by Similac Sign up here to receive formula checks and samples of Similac. I think we ended up with 5 cans of Similac samples. They are a pretty good size and lasted a while, since we are just supplementing with formula. We have found that Similac doesn't sit well with Bryson's stomach, so I have a few of these to give away. They definitely do come in handy if you are using this brand formula though.

Enfamil Sign up here to receive Enfamil samples and checks. We have received (so far) $20 worth of checks, booklets on feeding, and two cans of formula. If you combine these checks with the BOGO coupons from Walgreen's, you end up with two cans of formula for about $3.50.

Pampers Village I have gotten coupons from signing up here. On top of the $1 coupons you find in Sunday papers, they send higher amounts every so often. I have received up to $3 coupons. Also, make sure you join their Gifts to Grow program. Their are codes on Pampers products you can enter and redeem for gift cards, books, and coupons among other things.

Huggies Baby Network Sign up to receive a welcome pack with coupons and samples.

Juicy Juice Register with Juicy Juice and choose between a guide to your child's nutrition or a sippy cup as your free gift. My mom did this one for me and the sippy cup came in this week. It is the cutest thing!

Parent's Choice Receive a sample of either Milk Based or Gentle Baby formula.

Playtex Receive a bottle, drop-ins, and a $1 coupon.

Printable Baby Coupons
Remember, if you hit the back button (3) times, you can print most of these twice.
$1 off any Johnson's Bedtime Product
$1 off any Johnson's Shampoo
$1 off Johnson's Soothing Vapor
$1 off Johnson's Head to Toe Baby Wash
$1 off any Johnson's Baby Oil or Baby Oil Gel
$1 off 1 Johnson's Buddies
$2 of 2 Johnson's Buddies
$1 off 1 Johnson's Take Along Gift Pack

$1 off Desitin
$1 off Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Diaper Rash Cream
Sign up here and they will e-mail you coupons for Beechnut baby food.

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